The submerged air diffusers are of great importance in the field of waste water treatment.

They are installed on the bottom of  the tanks through a network of pipes and they are fed by dedicated air compressors.

Diffusers are firstly used to supply dissolved Oxygen for the treatments of biological and chemical oxidation. Hence, they are widely used in biological activated sludge systems, in MBR and in MBBR reactors; they are used too for the oxidation of sulphides in tannery and similar applications.

Beside that, thanks to the injection of compressed air, the diffusers can mix the content of the tank and at the same time ensure the constant presence of aerobic conditions, which is the first and most effective remedy against the onset of bad odours .

For these reasons, diffusers are used in numerous sections of treatment plants:

  • in homogenization and equalization basins, especially when the wastewater is characterized by high concentrations of organic suspended solids (tanneries, slaughterhouses, etc …) ,

  • in the grit and grease removal tanks

  • in the sludge storage or aerobic sludge digestion tanks.

ITALPROGETTI has developed and produces two types of diffusers:

Diffuser mod. DM300


  • Membrane disc diffuser, fine bubbles type

  • High transfer efficiency

  • High chemical resistance

  • Long membrane lifetime and simplified maintenance

  • Anti-flooding not-return valve integrated in the bracket socket


  • Aerobic biological treatments (activated sludge and MBR)

  • Aerobic sludge digestion

  • Equalization / Homogenization tanks

Technical data:


Membrane: EPM
Non-return membrane: EPDM
Support disc: PP
Bracket socket: PP

Flow range: 3 … 8 Nm3 / h (optimal 4 … 6 Nm3/h)
Connection: 1 1/2″
Diameter of membrane: 300 mm

Diffuser mod. SD600


  • Steel diffuser, coarse bubbles type

  • High temperature resistance

  • Resistance to high concentration of Oil and Grease

  • Available in standard version and for MBBR reactors

  • No maintenance needed

  • Low concentrated headlosses


  • MBBR reactors

  • Equalization – Homogenization basins

  • Sulphides oxidation tanks in tannery

Technical data:


Material:                  AISI316
Capacity:                 12 … 40 Nm3/h
Holes dimensions:   5 mm (upper holes)
7,5 mm (lower holes)

Connection:             3 / 4 “
Length:                     600 mm
Width:                      50 mm