Italprogetti has developed a new generation of flotation units , the ULTRACell DAF, that find application in many industrial sectors: paper mills, tanneries, slaughterhouses, textile mills, food industries etc… The ULTRACell is capable to improve the efficiency of the Dissolved Air Flotation process, thanks to the innovative U-Cell technology, that is much more effective than the traditional lamellae packings. The new internal fluid dynamics allows ULTRACell to reach very high clarification degrees and to increase considerably the treatment flowrates.


Dissolved Air Flotation principle


Dissolved air flotation is a treatment used to clarify the wastewaters from solids, by generating air bubbles in the effluent. A portion of the clarified waters is pressurized, saturated with air and send back inside the flotation unit. At the atmospheric pressure present in the flotation tank, this pressurized recirculation releases a big amount of fine air bubbles, that attach to the solids and cause them to rise. The solids that floats on the water surface generate a liquid sludge that is collected and removed.


U-Channel technology

  • Optimal flow distribution among the entire lenght of the DAF unit.

  • Co-current flow between water and floating solids in the first phase of the separation, reducing the clogging risks tipicaly present in the conventional lamellae DAF.

  • Count-corrent flow between water and solids in the second separation phase, which allows an high clarifaction degree of treated waters.

Application & Characteristics

  • Optimal for paper-mill, tanneries, food industry, Oil&Gas, municipal wastewater treatment

  • Capacity up to 600 m3/h

  • Manufactured in AISI316 or PP for maximum  corrosion resistance

  • Explosion proof according to ATEX standards (on request)


  • Large distance between the U-channel

  • Extremely robust and reliable, no-clogging characteristics up to 10g/l TSS

  • Optimal separation performance (up to 99,6% removal efficiencies can be achieved in many applications)

  • Extremely compact compared to other DAF technology

  • Easy to monitor and control