MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) TECHNOLOGY


MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) technology is considered one of the most advanced and efficient solution in water treatment field. In MBR, the final separation between treated effluent and biological sludge occours through specific Ultra-Filtration (UF) membranes, which replace the traditional separation by sedimentation (or flotation).

The advantages of MBR technology are several and relavant:

  • Absence of suspended solids and bacteria in ultra-filtered water

  • Less sensitivity to pollutant overloads, due to the more concentrated and more specialized biomass

  • No critical issues due to the sedimentation of the sludge and no biomass leaking from the system

  • Greater efficiency in removing the refractory organic load, due to the longer age of the sludge

  • Reduced volumes compared to traditional treatments (<50%) and elimination of the sedimentation tank. Lower costs of civil works and smaller plant footprint required.

  • High level of automation of the ultrafiltration process, which guarantees simple management, with minimal supervision by the operator

MBR technology is the perfect solution in recycling and reuse of treated water systems.
In ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) systems, such technology is considerated as the ideal solution, too. The integration of Ultra-filtration membranes in the hearth of the biological treatment, makes the treatment more reliable and more efficient. It allows to make the entire process chain more linear and to pre-treat adequately the effluent before Reverse Osmosis.