With more than 100 worldwide successful installations, ITALPROGETTI filtepresses represent an effective and reliable solution for solid-liquid separation and in particular for sludge dewatering of effluent treatment plants.They are built with a robust design, that guarantees the maximum reliability and efficiency in many industrial applications (tanneries, slaughterhouses, textile mill, metallurgic industries, paper mill, food industries etc…).

Main Features:

  • Reduction of sludge volume up to 90-95% and optimal performances in sludge dryness (approx. 10-25% higher than centrifuge decanter and belt press)

  • Long lifetime combined with easy operation and maintenance

  • Efficient and reliable – no need for lubrication and no moving rotary parts

  • Low operation costs and lowest power consumption compared to other dewatering systems

  • Automated operation for plates (optional only for the smallest models)

  • High pressure washing system for clothes (optional)

  • Odour free equipment, low noise and no vibrations


Recessed plates represent the most simple and economic solution to many filtration problems. A variety of plates are available for different feeding configuration, discharge of the filtrate and thickness of chamber.


Membrane plates filtration allows to reduce the duration of the filtration cycle. The squeezing phase related to feeding pressure is replaced by a membrane squeezing.

This procedure allows, also, to reduce the overall duration time and consequently to increase the number of daily filtration cycles.

Besides that, the squeezing pressure obtained by the membrane, is applied on the whole plate surface, increasing dewatering efficiency with respect to the conventional filtration.


Recommended for smallest filterpresses. The operator opens manually each plates, allowing the cakes to detach from clothes and to fall down.


The mechanism is installed on a beam above the plates pack.

It is composed of a traction carriage which a piston is housed on. The piston lifts and shakes the plates for facilitating the cake detachment, just during the translation of the plate. 


The high pressure washing system is fixed to a movable device that is shifted along the machine by means of a trolley anchored to the upper beam of the press. The system is composed of no.2 washing groups with nozzles fed by a high pressure pump. The plates are opened and the washing groups slides up and down above each plate, cleaning deeply the filtering clothes. The system is completely automatic.