Screening is the first treatment step in waste in all water treatment plants.
Its scope consists in removing from the effluent coarse and fine particles, thus preventing the plant from blockages, cloggings and deposits of solids in the treatment tanks.Italprogetti designs and manufactures 4 different models of screens, suitable for a wide range of capacities (up to 1.500 m³/hr) and for different filtering slots (from 300 μm to 3 mm). The screens manufactured by ITALPROGETTI find their applications in many sectors: tanneries, paper mills, slaughterhouses, food industries, textiles, municipal effluent etc…

RAKEPLUS - Self cleaning bar screen

  • Capacity to 2.000 m³/hr

  • Filtration degree from 15 to 30 mm

  • Filtration in channel through stainless steel vertical bars

  • Cleaning system with stainless steel chain

  • Optimal geometry for big solids removal

  • Robust solution for preliminary coarse filtration

KONICA - Self cleaning rotary drum screen

  • Capacity up to 1.500 m³/hr

  • Filtration degree from 300 μm to 3 mm

  • Wedgewire stainless steel drum

  • Complete with solid squeezing

  • Complete with high pressure washing device (using both cold and hot water)

  • Suitable also for greasy waters

  • For heavy duties and high performance applications

  • Easy operation

GSR - Self cleaning rotary brushes screen

  • Capacity up to 150 m³/hr

  • Filtration degree from 1 to 3 mm

  • Perforated stainless steel panel

  • Feeding both by gravity and by pumping

  • Simple and robust machine

  • Cost-effective and reliable solution

DISCOPLUS - Self cleaning rotary disks screen

  • Capacity to 60 m³/hr

  • Filtration degree from 300 to 750 μm

  • Filtration through stainless steel mesh

  • Complete with nozzles for disks cleaning

  • Optimal solution for fine filtration degree

  • Compact configuration and easy installation