One of the most effective technology for increasing the environmental profile of tanneries is the hair recovery  process, used during the unhairing / liming phase

The hair recovery system allows to remove from the float the hairs still intact, already detached from hides, but not pulped yet. In this way, the pollutant load of the liming / unhairing bath is considerably reduced.

The less need of sulphides due to the partial degradation of hairs leads to a lower sulphides concentration in waste waters.

Thanks to the long experience in tannery field, Italprogetti has developed a hair recovery system really effective and reliable. The hearth of the the treatment is the rotary drum screen KONICA, optimized and configured just for this application.

The unhairing / liming float is extracted continuously while the drum is working and it is pumped to the screen KONICA. The hair is retained, whereas the bath is pumped back to the process.

The filtering medium of the screen moves the hair in the adjacent screw compactor, where it is squeezed before being discharged in container.

The screen is also equipped with a high pressure washing system. It  activates automatically at the end of the filtration cycle and it keeps clean and effective the filtering medium of KONICA.

By means of a group of automatic valves and by a correct planning of the process timings, more drums can be connected to a single ITALPROGETTI hair recovery system.