Thanks to the experience and the engineering of Italprogetti, it is possible to make fully efficient and automatic a well known environmental friendly procedure as the recycle of liming baths.

The recycle of liming baths foresees the re-use of spent floats further several treatments, like:

  • Fine filtration

  • Removal of the suspended solid and fatty parts

  • Thermostating of the recovered baths for easy reuse

This process allows the almost total recovery of the chemicals discharged with liming floats (lime, sodium sulphide and sodium sulphide) as well as an important reduction in water consumption. Nevertheless, the greatest advantage of this process is the quality of the limed leather which is much better than the traditional treatment process.

Italprogetti designs and constructs systems for liming baths recycle of each sizes; for small tanneries (with static batch settling units) and for bigger tanneries too (with self cleaning fine screens and with continuous settling phase, equipped with traveling bridge for sludge scraping).