Inside the spraybooths, an important part of the finishing products  does not fix on leather, but it goes wasted in the washing waters, that are used to keep clean the spraybooths.

These waters need to be often discharged and they generate the main effluent stream of the finishing department.

Moreover, there are other minor sources of waste waters discharged by the finishing department:

  • the washing waters used for chemical reservoirs and for piping networks

  • the waters used to keep clean the roller-coating machines

  • the exhausted waters of the wet scrubbers.

All these waste waters generate a very polluted effluent, with high concentrations of TSS (total suspended solids) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand).

The compact plant SPRAY PACK, expressly designed and engineered by Italprogetti represent the right solution to manage the recycle of finishing waste waters.

The plant is composed of several modules that are  elected according to the characteristics of the effluent and arranged in a compact platform so as to make an easy access for the operator.

The main components are:

  • chemical reactors for coagulation / flocculation,

  • groups for chemicals preparation and dosage

  • section of sludge dewatering.

Italprogetti’s SPRAY PACK is delivered on turn-key basis. It is pre-assembled in our factory, delivered complete of the hydraulic and electric connections, and it is pre-tested too. It can be easily loaded in standard container, thanks to its compact size.