Fresh water coming directly from natural sources (sea, groundwater, lakes, rivers, etc.) may contain varying amounts of dissolved substances and/or suspended (such as iron salts, suspended solids etc…) that make it not suitable for direct use in the industrial process.

Fresh water is the first product used in tannery, paper mill, textile, whose properties are not often taken in due consideration.

In a tannery process water hardness, for example, can create problems to fattening products. Many emulsifiers are sensitive to high concentrations of Ca2+ and Mg2+. They react with these ions and they form insoluble precipitates, loosing their emulsify capacity. The dyeing process is strongly influenced by the quality of the fresh water, too. The color rendering diminishes with hardness and high salt concentration can cause the precipitation of dyes and they can weaken the tone of the color. Besides that, the presence of metallic ions, such as Iron and Manganese can cause stains and deposits on leather.

In the paper mill, the conductivity of the fresh water together with the hardness and presence of metal ions, can have huge impacts on the paper and steam production plant, significantly contributing to the clogging of the filters, the formation of limestone, etc..

ITALPROGETTI proposes to its customers several technologies  for the treatment of fresh waters, like membrane treatment (Ultra-Filtration and Reverse-Osmosis), multi-layer filters and . softener filters. Their selection depends on the characteristics of the waters and on the standard that the customer intends to achieve.

Reverse Osmosis


We design and manufactures standard and customizable Reverse Osmosis plants for water and waste water treatment for the main industrial and civil application.

  • Flexible design, lower auxiliary equipment costs

  • Turn-key preassembled units ready to use (containerized units also available)

  • Wild range of pressures and capacity depending on customer’s requirements

Multi-layer Filters


The multi-layer filters and softener  manufactured in its factories by ITALPROGETTI, are designed according to the customer’s needs and based on the water characteristics. The selection of the granular beds, of the granulometries and of the thicknesses of the layers are designed for treating perfectly the raw waters up to the filtration degree required.

Thanks to their versatility, the ITALPROGETTI multi-layer filters can be used for several scopes:

  • Filtration of fresh waters.

  • Pretreatment for advanced membrane process (NF, RO)

  • Final treatment of waste water treatment plant

  • Removal of Iron and Manganese from waters

All the filters can be provided of a set of automatic valves for managing automatically all the operation phases: filtration, backwash (with or withour compressed air), rinsing.