One of the stages of leather processing that has a significant impact on the environmental is the pickel.

The high acidity of pickling baths is a direct cause of problems in the water purification phase, but above all it causes the development of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), a highly toxic and foul-smelling gas.

The experience gained by Italprogetti in the design and construction of turnkey tanneries and waste water treatment plants with the management of odors system, has led to the definition and construction of plants for the treatment of pickel gas, with excellent performance, guaranteeing safe working environments with a very low environmental impact.

The air intake system containing the hydrogen sulphate is installed directly on one axis of the drum while the fresh air make-up pipe and the flow detection and control device are installed on the opposite axis. The entrainment of liquid or fragments of leather, sucked by the bath present inside the drum, is managed through a suitable drainage pipe installed under the inspection of the hollow axis and automatically discharged.

The air sucked from the drum must be suitably treated before being released into the atmosphere, using abatement towers where it is sprayed, in counter-current, with a caustic soda solution with an adequate pH.

Before entering the tower, the air passes through a drop separator which collects any residual liquid coming from the bath inside the drum. The separator prevents liquid, which has an acidic pH, from entering the tower and prematurely depleting the caustic soda solution.